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Spam, Phishing, and Virus Prevention

Spam is more than a nuisance. It is a financial burden and security threat to companies all over the world. Spam spreads viruses, jams networks, steals information and worst of all… it continues to grow.

The good news is that you don’t have to put up with this burden anymore.  Why give in to the harassment of spammers when there is an easy, affordable solution that can fight the battle for you?

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No-hassle Setup
Spam & phishing capture rates of over 97%
Spam analytics updated 500-1500 times daily
Three Antivirus engines
Offsite mail quarantine holds mail for 5 days
Dynamic mail spooling
Out bound filtering
Flexible filter and Policy setting

Datakinetics offers a simple, effective way to get rid of 97% of email born spam, fraud and viruses before they ever get to your system. With a state of the art filtering engine, we keep up with the ever-changing methods and technology used by spammers to stay ahead of their techniques… so you don’t have to.

Plus, it is easy. The hardware, software, and maintenance necessary for spam and virus prevention are included in this managed email filtering service.



Spam & Fraud Protection
The Datakinetics filtering system is continually revised to ensure protection from even the newest Spammer tricks and tactics. Rule sets are updated 500 to 1500 times each day to keep up with spammer innovations and ensure our clients have up to the minute protection.

Virus Protection
At no additional cost, messages are checked for viruses, worms, and other protocol-based vulnerabilities using multiple anti-virus engines and proprietary detection systems. All anti-virus signatures are updated every 10 minutes without any administrative intervention required.

Front Door Protection
Datakinetics acts as your organization's gated "front door,” shielding your Internet facing SMTP gateways and message servers from numerous threats. Threats such as open-relay, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, flooding, and directory harvesting are proactively identified and blocked before they effect your operations. Only legitimate e-mail is delivered directly to the IP address of your messaging systems. 

Management and Reporting Console
Statistical reports including top spam victims, viruses, and spammers are readily available through this web-based console. In addition, private quarantines and/or quarantine reports may be provided for user level review and release.

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