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A domain is necessary to host your web site on the Internet. Datakinetics is a domain registrar who can check domain availability and register a domain for you.

There are many other advantages to owning your own domain name, or even multiple domains. Datakinetics can advise you with domain usage and ideas.

Domain Services
  • Registration
  • Transfers
  • Privacy
  • DNS management
  • Forwarding
  • Sub-domains
  • Hosting (Web and e-Mail Hosting)
  • Secure Certificates
  • Search engine submission
  • Domain and web site marketing
  • Backorders

Below are answers to common domain related questions.

  • Domains are inexpensive and a good investment even if you don't have a web site presently.
  • Domain names are registered on an annual basis. You can prepay as many years as you wish in order to keep your domain from expiring.
  • Datakinetics can host domains registered with other registrars.
  • Datakinetics can transfer a domain.

Domain Protection Advise:
If you own a domain or are planning to register one. You may receive mail from various domain companies regarding the renewal of your domain as soon as six months prior to expiration. If these notices are not from the registrar where you registered your domain, be sure to read them carefully! Most likely, these notices are sent as a marketing scare tactic. We have seen these notices request as much as $100.00. We advise you check with your registrar on record immediately and prior to considering any action. These efforts may have a few results. 1) They could be for the sole purpose of scamming money, 2) They may be "slamming" your domain, causing a transfer of your domain to an unknown registrar. 3) Submitting payment may result in forfeiting ownership of your domain, in which case you may only be able to buy it back or take costly legal action. Private domain registration can help protect you contact information from marketers and spammers. If you have any questions regarding your domain expiration or renewal, please contact us directly.

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