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The following topics can be trained on an individual basis or as a task based class.
If you have are looking for a software title not listed, please contact us.

Computer Basics
Don't let computers intimidate you! Learn how to take command and show the computer who the boss is. This training is meant for users who are new or have not had any formal training on computers. If you just bought a computer or you've been poking at one for five years, this is the class for you.

Using Instant Messaging
You have heard how easy it is to chat with others online for fun or to talk to a loved one far away. This training will help you with how to establish an online chat account and show you the fundamentals of how to connect and chat.
Using your Digital Camera
You bought the camera but don't know what to do with it? This training will help you get through taking your digital pictures, transfering them to your computer, organizing them, printing, and sending photos for developing.

Using your MP3 Player
You want to know what all the craze is! You bought an MP3 player and you need to know where to go from here. This training will help you understand how to manage your music on your computer and show you how to transfer files to and from your MP3 player.

Using your Scanner
You have that new printer scanner copier and need to know what it can do. This training will help you determine the best method of scanning your documents and photos, as well as organizing and storing them.
Using The Internet
The Internet... You've heard about it, may have seen it, or already somewhat using it. This training wll review all the basic do's and don'ts. It will answer questions you may have regarding security issues when shopping or banking, viruses, pop-ups, downloading, watching vidieo, and listening to music.
How To Edit Digital Images
You have photos you need to edit for work or fun. You have the software to edit them, but you're not sure what to do? This training will show you the fundamentals of your photo editing software and help you with basic editing. Learn how to place your photos into your word processor files and publications.
How To Edit Digital Audio Files
You need to modify audio files for presentations or your web site but you don't know what software to use or if you have any sofware that will allow you to edit audio. This training will give you fundamentals on how to manipulate audio files and make audio more useful for your needs.
How To Store Videos On Your Computer
You got all kinds of digital videos, but don't know how to transfer them to your computer. This training is to help you in two areas. First, you may need to take a look at your computer and your camera to decide what you you may need to transfer video. Second, if you have everything you need in place, this training will help you transfer those memories to you computer.
How To Burn CDs or DVDs
You bought a computer with a CD-ROM or DVD burner but you haven't built up the courage to try it out. This training will show you how to choose the files you would like to put on the disc and create a CD or DVD that can be played by others on their own equipment.
Computer Shopping Basics
You are ready to buy a computer. You may be looking for your first computer or looking to upgrade but don't know what to buy. This training will help you decide what computer and software would be the best for you..
Individual training is specific to your needs and allows for flexibility to cover whatever topics you are looking for. Please contact us for more information.
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